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Kigelia 7x Anti-Oxidant Age Defense Face Serum

  • Skin sagging? Face wrinkling? Sun spots surfacing? Defend yourself! Who says you have to age gracefully? That sounds like surrender. Go to war with those pesky little free radicals. Mop them up and ship them out with Kigelia 7X Anti-Oxidant Face Serum. Show those little wrinkle demons who’s the boss. Kigelia 7X Anti-Oxidant Face Serum is a serum on steroids, plant steroids that is. Shea Terra captured age defying anti-oxidants from 7 power sources and put them to work inside this hydrating serum. From flavonoid rich teas to vitamins and COQ10 Kigelia 7X Anti-oxidant Face Serum puts shame to all others.
  • pure spring water, cold pressed green tea oil, cold pressed raspberry seed oil, cold pressed carrot seed oil, glyceryl oleate citrate (natural sugar emulsifier), Kenyan purple tea, USDA Certified Organic rooibos tea, wild harvested kigelia Africana, soy-free, natural vitamin E (from sunflower), gotu kola, CoQ10, glucono delta lactone, lactic acid, sclerotium gum, sodium benzoate

    Size: 2 oz

  • Massage into freshly cleansed skin. May be applied before moisturizer. Use daily.