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Rose Hips Cacao C+ Fruit Face Mask (Renewal)

  • Feed face cells and get happier, brighter and younger looking skin. Shea Terra combined Vitamin C rich fruits with pure, unprocessed cacao from the Dja Reserve of Cameroon. Made in very limited quantities, this rare cacao is rich in theobromine, essential minerals such as bromine and magnesium. Cacao is highly anti-oxidant and can protect skin from photo damage.

    Shea Terra then added Rubiginosa, wild harvested rose hips oil and rose hips CO2 for its skin softening and trans-retinoic acid benefits. Moroccan ghassool clay- the real one- is added to detoxify skin and offer cells its healing silica and minerals.
  • Dja Reserve cacao fruit, wild harvested baobab fruit, acerola fruit, guava fruit, amla fruit, cold pressed, certified organic rubiginosa rose hips fruit oil, rose hips CO2, sea buckthorn oil

    Size: 4 oz
  • Pour one to two teaspoonfuls into a bowl. Add enough Shea Terra rose water, spring water or mineral water to form a slightly runny paste. Apply to face. Let sit 20 minutes before rinsing off. Use 2-3 times a week.