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Hydrosol - Moroccan Orange Blossom

Also known as neroli, the bitter orange blossom produces a lovely, fragrant oil that is worth thousands a kilo. But what we are after is the water that is produced during distillation. This fragrant water can soothe inflamed skin as it helps decrease the bacteria in the skin, helping to keep acne outbreaks under control. When applied to the skin two to three times a day Moroccan Orange Blossom Beauty Water helps to balance the skin and keep oiliness, a major cause of acne, better under control. Moroccan Orange Blossom Beauty Water helps to keep the skin hydrated, a major problem with skin undergoing acne treatments.

How to use: Spray on face after washing. Use an organic cotton ball to work water into skin to remove debris. Spray on skin 1-2 times daily for bacteria fighting moisture.

Ingredients: pure orange water distillate water

*Item may say Beauty Water or Hydrosol due to packaging changes*