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Medicine Man Clear Skin Face Mask (Man Care)

Men deserve self-care too! Masking is the perfect relax + detox combo.

Unclog pores, banish blemishes and get healthy, glowing skin with the Medicine Man Clear Skin Face Mask.  Rare earth minerals and therapeutic plants and resin oils work synergistically to improve tone and remove impurities. 

Directions: Avoid metal spoon and bowl. Mix 1-2 teaspoonfuls with spring water or hydrosol to form a semi-liquid paste. Apply to face and nexk. Leave on 15-30 minutes. Add small amounts of water to face and lightly exfoliate. Rinse off with tepid water.

Size: 4 oz

Ingredients: Nigerian black clay, Atlas ghassool clay, wild harvested baobab fruit, licorice root, devil's claw, qasil, neem, black frankincense essential oil, Himba myrrh oil, turmeric root