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Marula Sea Foam Face Wash

This gentle wash is formulated with two soothing ingredients designed to comfort skin as you deep clean. Wild harvested, virgin marula oil works at cellular level to gently unclog pores and remove dirty oil and buildup without stripping skin. African sea bamboo calms skin as it encourages regeneration of cells. African sea bamboo is a kelp naturally growing in the pristine, protected region off the Cape of South Africa. Combined with organic sunflower oil and organic virgin coconut cream, our all natural foaming wash is free of SLS, SLES, coco betaine, modified beet sugar and other potentially harmful chemicals.

Size: 4 oz.

Contains Only: pure spring water, USDA certified organic, cold pressed sun flower oil, USDA certified organic coconut cream oil, wild harvested marula oil, potassium hydroxide (positively charged salts that change oil and water into soap, all soap must contain hydroxide even though many manufacturers leave it off their labels), African sea bamboo, natural fruit extract (aroma)

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