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Our Wash contains organic, unrefined coconut & olive oils. These ingredients make it extremely moisturizing, while removing the dirt. The natural oils of the skin and hair are protected, leaving your entire body clean and hydrated from head to toe.

Unwind with the gentle notes of floral citrus LAVANDULA. 



Wash your tresses with a shampoo that leaves hair soft and moisturized.

Facial Cleanser 

Cleanse your face without stripping it of its natural oils. 

Body Wash

Lather your entire body for a fresh and purifying rinse.

100% Natural, 97.79% Organic

INGREDIENTS:  Water, Saponified Oils* (Olive, Coconut [UNREFINED], Sweet Almond, Castor), Essential Oils*†

†Blend of Organic, Wild Harvested, Steam Distilled


Collections: Body Care, Limegreen

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