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Invigorating Mint Coffee Scrub

  • Go ahead. strip down and get dirty. The mess is worth it! This natural, organic, coffee-based exfoliator is rich in vitamins and natural oils to leave you feeling smooth and soft. Chockfull of antioxidants, this scrub will ensure you're more than ready to take on your day (and the world, let's be honest). Plus, the refreshing scent is the best way to wake yourself up. Great after shaving or as a mini-facial once a week.

    - Made from organic coffee (that means toxin-free, babe)! Caffeine helps to create microcirculation to target acne, scarring, stretch marks and cellulite (yup, coffee can do that!) Plus, the grounds are fine enough to act as an incredible exfoliant.

    - Sea salt & organic coconut sugar help to further wash away dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

    - Organic sweet almond oil provides your skin with rich hydration, to leave it glowing and healthy.

    Size: 6.3 oz

  • *coffea arabica seed powder (ground coffee), *prunus amygdalus sativa kernel oil (sweet almond oil), water/eau, sea salt, *sucrose (coconut sugar), tocopherol, mentha piperita oil (peppermint) *organic ingredient
  • How to use: Get nakd. Get wet. In the shower dirty up with a small handful of basd. Rub in a circular motion to feel exhilarated as you exfoliate. Repeat as required. Rinse and use basd body wash for a clean, silky finish. 

    Need more exhilaration? Leave on the skin for 5 minutes and then rinse. 

    It might smell delicious, but don't put it in your mouth. Slso, leave it out of your eyes. They will thank you for not scrubbing them.