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Gift Set - Moringa Tea and Accessories


Tea and accessory products gift set that contains:

  • Miracle Tree Organic Moringa Tea (25 Bags):  Moringa is a superfood plant used traditionally for its nutritious properties and Ayurvedic benefits. As an herbal tea, you can conveniently enjoy Moringa’s exceptional nutritious properties, and experience firsthand why Moringa is commonly referred to it as the ‘Miracle Tree’.
  • Bee Box Honey Stick:  Available in Clover, Orange Blossom or Blackberry Blossom (Indicate which one in Checkout Notes)
  • Cardboard Book Tea Set:  Set includes  Tea Bag Tongs, Stir Spoon, and Honey Dipper.
  • Decorations vary (If preference, indicate which one in Checkout Notes)

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