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Essential Oil - Frankincense - 2 oz (With Dropper)

NATURAL REMEDY: Do you have kids constantly getting sick? Frankincense oil is extremely beneficial in alleviating conditions like blocked nose and congestion. It is great for clearing up colds!

ANTI-AGING AND WRINKLES: Frankincense Essential Oil can reduce the appearance of scars, fade stretch marks, and heal cracked skin.

GREAT FOR SKIN CARE: Frankincense Essential Oil has the ability to strengthen skin health, even out complexion, reduce the appearance of acne, and clear up blemishes. It will also provide all of its famous anti bacterial properties.

PROTECT AGAINST GERMS: Frankincense Essential Oil destroys germs and bacteria upon contact. This works on skin, and on surfaces in your home. You can diffuse Frankincense Oil into the air, or dilute with a carrier oil and apply directly to your skin.

DETOXIFY IN YOUR BATHTUB: Did You Know you can use Frankincense Essential Oil for skin in the bathtub too! Add 6-8 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil to your bath after running the water and mix it in well. This is excellent for aching muscles, relaxation, stress relief.

Size: 2 oz (With Dropper)

Ingredients: Frankincense Essential Oil

Collections: Brooklyn Botany, Wellness

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