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Fast acting, full-spectrum CBD in highly bioavailable MCT and hempseed Oil. Promotes relaxation, attenuates biological response to stress and anxiety, supports body and brain function.

Supply: 1.5 months

Strength: 520mg or 1040mg

Origin: Organic, Full Spectrum CBD (Colorado)

  • Anti-anxiety: Provides hormone balance, adrenal support and blood pressure regulation which are essential in reducing chronic stress and promoting calm.

  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces pain and aids muscle recovery and reduces inflammation, by supporting circulation and cell function.

  • Adrenal Rejuvenation: Supports essential body systems that regulate and control your body’s response to stressful inputs. Commit to reducing cortisol, and other hormones that create stress, anxiety and poor health.

  • Tension Release: Provides relief and release of tension in both body and mind. Melt the stress away and find true calm.

  • Enhanced Cognition: Improves cognition, think clearly and make smart decisions. Stress has direct impact on the brain's primary function of cognition.

Ingredients:  Hemp CBD, MCT Oil (coconut), Hempseed Oil

Regular Strength - $69.00

Extra Strength - $129.00

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