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Gift Set - Tea and Infuser


Tea and accessory products gift set that contains:

  • Dorpare Ginger Tea (Loose):  The perfect anytime beverage. The tart yet sweet natural fruit flavors of raspberry, pineapple or lemon complement the spicy ginger flavor. Anti-inflammatory properties of ginger add a healthy benefit to this delicious tea.
  • Bee Box Honey Stick:  Available in Clover, Orange Blossom or Blackberry Blossom. (Indicate which one in Checkout Notes)
  • Water Bottle Tea Infuser:  Great for hot or cold beverages including tea, water, detox or fruit-infused tea. Available in: Guilt Tea Pleasure or C'est La Tea (Indicate which one in Checkout Notes)
  • Decorations vary (If preference, indicate which one in Checkout Notes)
  • Basket wrapped in cellophane as shown

For more detail on Dorpare Tea click here ; or on Santa Barbara Tea Accessories click here