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Aromatherapy/Diffuser Bracelet

  • Take your aromatherapy on-the-go! These bracelets are made with 8mm lava stone and a variety of gemstone beads. Lava stone is porous and can absorb essential oils beautifully. Simply dab a small amount of an essential oil on 2-3 of the black lava stone beads, allow to dry, and wear the bracelet so you can enjoy your oils wherever you go. You can use one oil on its own or create a blend!

    **Please call our store for any customization. 

  • Lava Stone (black beads) is known for:

    • Bringing strength and courage
    • It’s grounding abilities
    • Encoraging a connection to Mother Earth

    Howlite (white and grey beads) is known for:

    • It’s ability to bring a sense of calm to the whole body
    • Relieve stress
    • Aid in sleeping and easing insomnia
    • Encouring emotional expression
    • Soothing the emotions
    • Transforming negative energy into positive energy
    • Teaching patience

     Picture Jasper (brown beads) is known for:

    •  It’s deep connection with the Earth
    • It’s ability to bring comfort and alleviate fear
    • Awakening creativity
    • Inspiring confidence
    • Being believed to aid in protection during childbirth

    Amazonite (matte blue-green beads) is known for:

    • Providing harmony and balance
    • Encouraging movement beyond fear of judgement and confrentation with others
    • Protection against electromagnetic pollution
    • It’s assistance in being in the right place at the right time and allowing the chance for new opportunities
    • Increasing self-esteem

    Magnesite (turquoise beads) is known for:

    • Supporting people who are nervous/fearful and helping them overcome it
    • Opening the heart chakra and stimulating love
    • Helping to recognize unconscious thoughts/feelings
    • Instilling deep peace during meditation