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Morocan MUD-POO (Argan Almond)

While we would LOVE to take credit, cleansing hair and body with mud is nothing new. Not every mud is suitable for cleansing the hair and body, our MudPoo. contains a very rare, mineral rich clay mined deep within the Atlas Mountains. This clay has the amazing property to become somewhat soapy as it works to absorb debris, oil and free radicals from the scalp and hair. Our unique formula combining conditioning oils and strengthening herbs makes hair softer, cleaner and healthier looking than run of the mill shampoo.

This MudPoo variety is enhanced with nutrient rich argan oil.

Contains only: Moroccan lava clay, USDA certified organic olive oil, certified organic argan oil, natural almond extract, cold pressed watercress oil, cold pressed henna oil, cold pressed calendula oil, marshmallow root, sidr, amla

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