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Wren Natural

100% Natural

We’ll cut to the chase: everything that goes into a Wren Natural product is completely natural. Yes, everything. The frustrations that you find yourself experiencing about “Is this really natural?” - we were there too, and that’s why we started Wren - to cut through the BS and just get down to nature.  

Origins Matter

When we first started Wren we made a commitment to use ingredients sourced as close to their native origin as possible. It was a valiant effort to increase quality just a little bit more for each ingredient. Why? Because nature knows best, and we believe that getting a little closer to the source means a superior product.  


Nerd Alert: Nothing gets us more jazzed than an afternoon of research. Common phrases include “What happens if we add this to that?” or “There has to be a way to make this just a little better” or even “Awesome isn’t good enough… it’s got to be perfect.” For better or for worse, we are obsessed with quality because we know, in the end, you’re going to be the one experiencing the benefits. 

Mom Approved

Wren Natural was founded by moms. And it may seem like the all-too-often-played “Mom Card of Approval” but we stand by our foundations: your family will benefit from our natural products. We don’t have “kid versions” of our products because they’re ready to be used by even your little ones.