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Moisturizers & Pomades

Egyptian Black Castor Oil


Ancient Egyptians were marveled for their invention and discovery of a myriad of beauty enhancements. Black Castor Oil was one of their most valued by far. Castor beans produce a thick, emollient oil excellent for dressing wounds, soothing the scalp and conditioning hair. Ancient Egyptians discovered by first roasting the beans and creating ash the oil was even more effective at regenerating hair and increasing hair growth. 

Cold Pressed. Extra Dark. Not Boiled. Want to know an ancient Egyptian secret to naturally thick hair and regrowth? Egyptian Black Castor Oil has a long track record of improving hair growth, decreasing breakage and loss, and encouraging new hair growth of hair lost due to pulling and possibly other short term hair loss issues. Egyptian Black Castor Oil also strengthens and deep conditions the hair. The result is a superfluous, shiny head of hair. This all natural oil can be used as a pre-conditioning oil or a stay in oil for certain hair types. Comes with an applicator.

Contains only: 100% pure, cold-pressed, roasted black castor seed oil