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Sometimes plan, but sometimes wing it!

by Margo Carter May 22, 2017

Sometimes plan, but sometimes wing it!

I’m a planner; I like to have as much information as possible about a project, destination, decision point before diving in.  I like to take the information and analyze it, understand the pros and cons, find efficiencies, make backup plans – well, you get the picture.  As I’ve grown older I still appreciate the benefit of a well-made plan, but I also have a growing respect for just “winging it”. 

Here are five reasons to just go with the flow (captured by Nomadpedia):

  • It creates space for synchronicity and magic that’s almost impossible to plan for.
  • It allows you to try things you might hesitate to do if you had too much information.
  • You’ll spend less time planning and trying to anticipate every eventuality (which you can’t really do anyway).
  • It helps you focus on what really matters and forget about the rest.
  • It teaches you to trust yourself.

 I’m not fully reformed, I still like to plan.  However, I plan with flexibility, realizing that when I don’t have every angle figured out down to the smallest detail, things work out just fine in the end.  The result is more confidence that I can handle the unexpected—and proving that things often turn out even better than I could have planned.

Margo Carter
Margo Carter