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Plants Power People! CBD 101

January 24, 2019

Plants Power People!  CBD 101

The use of “CBD” or Cannabidiol has increased in popularity over the last two years with many users swearing by its notable health benefits. Despite the growing trend of the product, many people are still wondering what it is, where it comes from, and why we are now offering CBD products at Kacadas. 

Cannabidiol is one of the many identified cannabinoids in Cannabis Plants.  This compound occurs in all plant life, but is found in higher concentrations in the Cannabis Sativa L. Plant.

Your next question may be, “Cannabis?! So its Marijuana? You use it to get high?”  The answer is “No!”  CBD is associated with the medicinal and healing properties of the plant that does not produce a high, unlike THC which is the psychoactive component.  

To be clear:  CBD does not get you high!

However, CBD is known to enhance cognition, decrease anxiety and depression, relieve pain, rejuvenate adrenal glands, relieve inflammation, release tension and much more.

Like all products carried in our store, our CBD products are sourced from companies with written evidence and documented history of sourcing the best plant genetics, extraction methods and delivery systems to produce superior products.  CBD products on our shelves are produced from 100% organic plants grown with love and care from hemp farmers. The oils are full spectrum and are extracted from the whole plant making for a well-rounded holistic oil.  Lastly, products have been validated with third party labs to ensure purity and consistency.

Therefore, when you are enjoying our high-performance CBD products like Plant Balm or Calm Capsules or Drops, don’t stress about feeling out of control or forming an addictive habit.  CBD’s non-psychoactive properties will keep you clear headed while reducing pain and inflammation, strengthening your immune system, improving sleep and more.

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